Membership terms

Here is the overview of what membership in the Estonian Web3 Chamber gives you, how much it costs, and the application form. 
All Estonian and international (except Belarussian & Russian) legal entities and private individuals can join the Chamber.



/ year

This is for all foreign legal entities (except Belarusian and Russian companies) registered outside Estonia.




/ year

This is for all legal entities registered in the Republic of Estonia.

Private Individual


/ year

This is for all private individuals that want to be informed but are not actively involved

What does the Chamber Provide?

Access to Community

Be part of the growing Estonian web3 community, where we amplify and support each other’s activities.

Invitations to Events

Attend web3 community dinners, meetups and summits to meet with and learn from other members for FREE.

Join delegations

We exhibit with our members at international web3 conferences and attend private events worldwide.

Seat at the Table

Participate in regulatory discussions with us, ensuring that new policies are made to support, not hinder, your progress.

Free consultation

Our board provides FREE business and law consultation to the members getting started or looking to expand.

Marketing channel

Use our channels to spread your product updates further and make special offers to other members to sell more.

Special offers

Access special offers made by other members, community participants and our supporters.

Special introductions

Our board makes introductions between our members and regulators, service providers and other ecosystem players.

Membership application

After completing the application, you will receive an invoice within 2-5 working days if accepted.
PS! It is also possible to pay the membership fee in cryptocurrencies.

Need more information before submitting the application, or do you simply want to become a Supporting member?

Please get in touch with us with all your ideas and questions.

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